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La Posta de Mesilla is proudly now on the 3rd barrel of their Signature La Posta de Mesilla Herradura Private Reserve Double Barrel Reposado. Each bottle is signed, numbered, and authenticated by Tequila Herradura's Master Distiller and made especially for La Posta de Mesilla in New Mexico

There is no other tequila like this anywhere in the world.

In production since 1870, Casa Herradura is one of the oldest producers of tequila. The La Posta de Mesilla Herradura Private Reserve Double Barrel Reposado tequila was hand-harvested and roasted in clay ovens using the same traditional methods employed for more than 140 years by artisan Mexican jimadores (agave farmers).

Not only that, it was also wild yeasted using the area's natural yeast to ferment the roasted pina (agave heart), a much more time consuming process that very few distillers use. 

In short, this tequila is a work of pure art! Imagine all that goes into each bottle!

La Posta/s unique double barrel reposado was hand-crafted and then estate bottled in Amatatin, Jalisco - the heart of Mexico's tequila country.  Every bottle, from their barrel is 100% blue weber agave that rested (reposado) in toasted oak barrels for 11 months (nine more than is required by law).

It was then matured in a new oak barrel for another month giving it an earthy essence.


The taste of the La Posta de Mesilla's Herradura Private Reserve Double Barrel Reposado

is smooth and rich with hints of light cinnamon and oak. The tequila leaves you with a lingering pepper flavor profile and finish.

This is definitely a "must-try" for tequila connoisseurs - sip neat or use this in a cocktail with a lot of tequila flavor (not in something that will hide it, you want to taste it).