1821 crema  

One of the most delicious and delectable drinks you can enjoy throughout the year is a smooth, cream liqueur. Most people are used to the Irish Creams, like Bailey’s or similar brands. However, when you’re in the southwest, you need to try something a little more “local.” Here at La Posta de Mesilla’s Adobe Cantina, we like 1921’s Crema Tequila and the always amazing RumChata.

The 1921 Crema Tequila is an amazing blend of Mexican Cream, 1921 Blanco Tequila, a bit of coffee and natural flavors, all mixed together into velvety deliciousness. The tequila itself is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave with notes of fruit, spice and citrus. By using tequila instead of whiskey, the cream has a hint of smokiness, and the notes of the tequila compliment the spices and flavors added. Add Crema Tequila to your coffee or hot chocolate for a great, warming winter treat. Or, try it chilled by itself in a snifter as an aperitif.


Another great Cream Liqueur is RumChata, which uses the essence of Horchata as its base combined with rum. Real Horchata is a traditional Latin- American drink of rice and milk blended together then strained….then vanilla, sugar and cinnamon are added. Throughout Mexico and in most all Latin American countries, you’ll find a variation of this drink, which is thought to have been brought here by the Spanish Colonists in the 16th century (and given to them by the Egyptians).

RumChata, as the name implies, is a blend of 5-times distilled Caribbean rum and Wisconsin Cream. Though it doesn’t have the rice like traditional Horchata does, the taste itself is truly representative of the real drink enjoyed in Mexico and much of the Southwest (even here in Mesilla!!). Like the Crema Tequila, RumChata can be enjoyed warm or chilled, by itself or mixed in a cocktail.

Our bartenders at the Adobe Cantina use both of these great cream liqueurs in a variety of cocktails. Ask for these in your favorite drink or by themselves the next time you stop in. Salud!