There are a few tequilas that are truly works of art. Rising above all of them is the Colección made by 1800 Tequila. This is, without a doubt, one of the finest expressions of tequila in the world. 1800 Tequila was imagined as a premium tequila from its birth, and any of its typical consumer lines – the Silver, Reposado or Anejo – would be enjoyable to sip. However, the Colección exists in a whole different dimension.

The Colección, classified as an Extra (or Ultra) Anejo, which by law must be aged for over 3 years, is made with a blend of 1800’s finest tequilas aged from 5 to 50 years in French oak casks. The tequilas used in the blend include only agave plants aged to the ultimate maturity for taste. While most every other tequila (including 1800’s consumer lines) use agave plants aged to 7 years, those used for the Colección are 10 years old. The extra three years makes a difference – the taste is more complex, more sophisticated. It also affects the price.

The Coleccion is a limited release in only “the finest years of production” according to 1800 Tequila. In 2015, for example, they released only 40 bottles at $2000.00 per bottle. Each comes with a handmade, artistic decanter, created by an acclaimed Mexican artist.

So, from the bottle (which is cut Belgium crystal), to the decanter and then to the tequila itself, the entire offering is an absolute work of art.

And how does it taste?

Immaculate! Incredible! Astonishing!

Really, it’s hard to describe. On the nose, you sense herbal and earthy with slight spices. The taste is smooth like Cognac, mildly-sweet, and woody, with hints of tobacco. You get the herbs and spice at the end, which is dry and complex.

Wine Magazine gives this tequila 98 points – about as high as you can get. I would give this the full 100! It is an experience that every tequila lover should have at least once in their life! Salud!