Herradura Tequila has a long and storied history, founded by Felix Lopez and stretching back to the early 19th century. Lopez, a hard-working visionary knew that tequila, popular to the working class of Mexico, could be much more. He knew it could be refined, sophisticated and prized as an elegant spirit.

This vision was passed on to subsequent generations of Herradura distillers. It may have taken a century, but in 1974 they proved Lopez right by introducing the first Reposado. They demonstrated to the world that tequila was every bit as sophisticated as other types of spirits.

In 1995 Herradura did it again by being one of the earliest distillers to enter the premium market. They introduced their exquisite Seleccion Suprema, an Ultra Anejo aged for 49 months in oak barrels and uses their finest agave plants.

Simply put, this tequila is a beautiful, silky offering. Its most noticeable characteristics are the floral notes, especially rose. There is also a slight hint of fruit, like apricot and delicate spice.

Drinking this is a smooth, warming experience. Imagine a cool spring night, sipping this after a nice hearty meal and relaxing with friends.

Or, better yet, bring those friends to the Adobe Cantina at La Posta de Mesilla. If you don’t want to buy a full bottle of Seleccion Suprema (retailing a little less than $350.00), you can try it from our of our bottles. Whichever one you choose I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!