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As the world's oldest commercial producer of tequila, it's only fitting that Jose Cuervo would highlight its spirit line with one of the most decadent and delicious tequilas you can possibly buy - the Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo. Today, as I sit in the historic La Posta de Mesilla Adobe Cantina y Tequileria in Mesilla, New Mexico, I'll taste and review this amazing tequila and I'll try my best to do it justice!

Introduced in 1995, the Reserva de la Familia was one of the first, high-end tequilas on the market. It is made with 100% blue weber agave tequila, which shouldn't be surprising, as that's the go-to choice for all quality tequilas. However, even within the Blue Weber Agave plant, there are variances. The center, or heart of the pina, is reportedly the juiciest, containing the most flavorful nectar in the plant. This is the only part they use for the Reserva de la Familia tequila.

But it doesn't stop there. Because it's classified as an "extra" anejo, it's aged for at least two years in oak barrels. But the Reserva de la Familia is also an equisitie blend. That means that the youngest tequila used in the blend is two years old. According to Jose Cuervo, the balance of the tequilas used to finish this spirit include some tequilas aged up to 30 years enhancing its velvet, rich, smooth finish.

The result is what I would describe as "sophistication". The tequila comes in a beautiful, hand-numbered bottle in an equally exquisite presentation box. Each box is a work of art and every year they are made differently.

The spirit is rich and dark exuding a beautiful caramel color that glows beautifully in the glass.  Served "neat" in a fluted glass or a snifter and then warmed with the hand, the tequila releases notes of oak, almond and cinnamon.  At first taste, the palette is treated to hints of vanilla, oak, nuts, cinnamon and allspice. The agave, sweet and peppery, coats the mouth and each sip is smooth and luxurious. This is a rich, warming tequila for cold rains or snowy nights and meant to be savored.

There aren't many tequila's like this. In fact this one has been called one of the best tequilas in the world time and time again. I would tend to agree!  Every aspect of this fine tequila is true Mexican "artistry" inside and out as showcased by the collectible box packaging annually designed by a well- known Mexican artist.

This marvelous tequila is available at the La Posta de Mesilla Adobe Cantina y Tequileria.  So the next time you stop by, if you're a tequila lover like me, you owe it to yourself to give this sophisticated spirit a try.  Salud to the New Year!